My name is Abdalhadi Alijla. I am a researcher, writer, speaker, and consultant specializing in social and political science. With a background in both quantitative and qualitative analysis, I bring a unique perspective to my work. Originally trained as an engineer, I transitioned into the field of political science to pursue my passion for understanding societal and political dynamics. My expertise extends beyond the Middle East and Palestine, although I frequently write, comment, and speak on issues concerning this region. I am committed to exploring diverse research topics and engaging in dialogue on a global scale. As a seasoned academic and trainer, I offer courses on researching the Middle East, dialogue facilitation, and science diplomacy. Additionally, I occasionally provide consultancy services that align with my areas of expertise and experience.

For more information about me, please visit the ‘About‘ link above. Explore the sections below to discover my latest work and interviews.

Currently, I am actively engaged in two research projects:

Project 1: Gaza Human Capacity Building.

This project addresses one of the most pressing humanitarian challenges of our time—the aftermath of conflict in Gaza. With a specific focus on educational institutions and academic human and knowledge building, we aim to shed light on the path towards reconstruction and resilience

Project 2: Art and Politics

I delve into the intriguing relationship between art and politics, examining how both state and non-state actors have harnessed the power of art to achieve two crucial objectives: legitimacy and propaganda dissemination. 



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