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Israel/Palestine, the Gaza War, and Rebel Governance in the Middle East

On this editiion of Parallax Views, Writer and researcher Abdalhadi Alijla, author of Trust in Divided Societies and co-editor of Rebel Governance in the Middle East, joins the show to discuss his perspective on Israel-Palestine and the Gaza War from his perspective as both a researcher and writer on the region as well as someone who was born in Gaza. We’ll also be discussing the aforementioned book Rebel Governance in the Middle East and examine groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis

What is the next step in the Gaza War now that an Israeli drone has killed a Hamas leader in Beirut? A spillover in Lebanon? The entire region? Europe? The United States has a role to play in preventing the war from escalating, but what if it does not intervene? Today’s episode is with Abdalhadi Alijla, Palestinian political scientist and rebel governance expert, who tells us more about the worst-case scenarios of the war on Gaza, and how the war’s objectives are slightly shifting.


Efter det värsta terrorattentatet i Israels historia vänder Konflikt blicken mot de som utförde de blodiga attackerna: terrorgruppen Hamas.  Listen here [Swedish]